Post-Production and DistributionPost-Production and Distribution

Editing Lab

We offer five complete non-linear editing systems running the latest version of Final Cut Studio 3 with all associated software, Motion, Compressor, Soundtrack and DVD Studio Pro. Our MacPros are some of the fastest available, 8-core, 2x2.6 GHz processors with 9-12 Gigs of RAM.

Stations come complete with DV/HDV capable decks, NTSC...

  • Commercial Rate: $20/HR

Learning Lab

This first floor Lab is equipped with 20 brand new, top-of-the-line 27-inch Quad-processor iMacs loaded with cutting-edge media software. Large power drop-down presentation screen, surround-sound, wired/wireless Internet, 5'x8' whiteboard, with easy access to the adjacent Cafe.

  • Commercial Rate: $250 per hour