Intro to 3D Animation Using Blender

Have you ever wanted to be able to make your own logo and character animations? Blender is a free, open-source 3D animation program, one of the most powerful and advanced open-source programs in the world, Blender is used by leading animators world-wide, but is free to download and easy to learn. In this class, you'll learn the basics and more of 3D animation using Blender, and you will leave knowing how to make a custom logo animation. The Intro to 3D Animation class exposes students to Animation Theory and the basic uses of Blender, a free 3D Animation software. Students will learn about the key areas of 3D Animation, including modeling, animating, texturing, lighting and rendering. This hands-on class will include both lecture and demos from the instructors, accompanied by students working on their own computer stations, creating their own animations. Intro to 3D Animation is intended for beginning users, but students must have basic Mac skills/experience. Upon completion of this class, students will be able to create their own 3D animations, and continue using Blender on their own.


No upcoming dates available, please email if you are interested in taking this class.