Final Cut Pro X Workshop

Final Cut Pro X is here! This workshop will cover basic editing skills and get students familiar with the newest version of Final Cut. Low student-to-teacher ratios will ensure that students receive the support they need to acquire solid editing skills. The focus will be on learning the interface, basic tools, file management and editing tips. Basic computer literacy skills are a prerequisite. Rebuilt from the ground up to meet the needs of today's creative editors, Final Cut Pro X features a new, dynamic editing interface with increased speed and efficiency. Upon completion of this course, students will have a thorough introduction to this newest version as well as hands-on experience with basic editing best practices.


Testimonials form class participants:

"I'm excited to be able to implement what i've learned to my own work."

"The class filled in the gaps of knowledge of FCPX so i can feel more confident in the program. Thanks guys!"

"I love being set an in class task, because as someone probably says, "Doing is the key to comprehension."




No upcoming dates available, please email if you are interested in taking this class.