Collaborative Projects

A core part of OMF’s educational expansion in 2011 involved seeking out and strengthening our partnerships with other organizations and groups with a shared value of accessible lifelong learning.  Below is some information about some of our exciting collaborations. For more information about any of these projects, please contact

Denver Public Library-- OMF began broadcasting and live-streaming select classes in 2011 to enable anyone in the community to learn these important media, technology, and communications skills. For those without broadband internet or cable at home, the Denver Public Library now provides a dedicated lab space for those wanting to participate in OMF’s Livestreamed courses.  More information about participating in our livestreamed courses can be found here. 
Emily Griffith Technical College--Beginning in 2011, OMF has been working with Emily Griffith Technical College to expand the video & studio production and post production courses offered both at EGTC and at OMF. Most of the courses and workshops taught at OMF can count towards a degree with Emily Griffith Technical College.