Help Us Be a Good Neighbor, and Get a Free DOM membershipHelp Us Be a Good Neighbor, and Get a Free DOM membership

Together with the Knight Foundation and The Denver Foundation, OMF is looking at the unique communication patterns and needs of our neighborhood here in La Alma/Lincoln Park.  We are looking for neighborhood residents to help us with a Digital Scavenger Hunt we will be conducting in the OMF Education Lab. 

To all of our neighbors, we hope you come out and say, "Hello" when our volunteers go door-to-door on Saturday June 2, inviting residents to participate in an in-person review on June 9th, our Digital Scavenger Hunt.  The deal is sweet: take a short survey and get a free Programming Membership, and once you take the short survey you also have the opportunity to come to our building and your time will be reqarded with an upgraded Field, Studio or Editor Membership and a free class.  We offer the community access to communication, technology, and media education and this Digital Scavengar Hunt will help us improve as an organization to better serve our neighborhood.

Please email to find out more about the Digital Scavenger Hunt if you live in the La Alma/Lincoln Park area and would like to participate.