Tweet This: OMF creates Trail Update via Twitter feature for a Boulder NonprofitTweet This: OMF creates Trail Update via Twitter feature for a Boulder Nonprofit

A year ago the OMF web team launched with the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, a nonprofit that has curated a wealth of information and volunteer initiatives in order to preserve and grow the mountain bike trail systems in the area. It has been great to continue working with this group and help them continue to grow their website as they realize new potential in the way the community can use their website; the latest fruit of our combined labor is a Twitter update feature connected with their real-time Trail Conditions updates. Trails can be updated by anyone that visits the website, utilizing the enthusiasm and support of volunteers in order to inform the community about the health of trails - a very useful tool and creative way to make trails more accessible.  Now trail conditions can be updated on BMA's website by tweets that include the name of a Boulder Trail and the hashtag #boco_trails.  Our development team set up the feeding action that corresponds to content updates on their Drupal website, and BMA's web team helped put together formating code so the updates that appear on the website clearly show the Twitter names of anyone creating a trail update.


For anyone that still discounts the positive impact that social media can have for public good, this example of information sharing and collaboration should warrant some second thoughts.  We are happy to share another example of putting the power of the media in the hands of the people!