Website Overview

We build sustainable, dynamic and affordable websites for nonprofit clients using Drupal and WordPress. Drupal and WordPress are open-source software packages that allow anyone to easily publish, arrange and manage a website. No technical background is necessary - we build the website and train your staff to update and customize the content.

Web design services include:

  • Custom websites built with the Drupal or WordPress content management system.
  • Tools to edit and manage content that are as easy as using Microsoft Word.
  • Custom design to match your brand and effectively communicate your mission and vision.
  • Guided participation in all steps of the website development process, from concept to final product.
  • Training and recommendations on how your staff can edit and manage the content on your website.


Small budget? No problem!

In the past, it required a large budget to build the complex systems that make updating and managing content on a website as easy as editing a document in Microsoft Word. Today, almost no budget is too small. The key is in not reinventing the wheel, but instead building off of the work of the thousands of like-minded programmers and designers around the world who, like us, would rather focus on installing, customizing and adding on to existing solutions rather than wasting time writing our own from scratch. This is the philosophy of open source software, and the idea behind Drupal and WordPress - what we use to build quality, customized websites.


Let The World Know Who You Are!

Today, building a dynamic website that is visually compelling and well-organized is only half the challenge. The other half is ensuring that the content is frequently updated and properly distributed. It is our experience that most small businesses and nonprofits, despite often limited resources, can find a way to produce great content.  The clients we work for often have a great story to share about why they do what they do - the world is waiting to hear your story, and we are here to help you get the word out!


Our Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Grants

As a nonprofit ourselves, OMF's rates are generally far below market to begin with, but our dollar-for-dollar match helps to ensure that professional, high-quality web and video production services are within reach for any nonprofit. Matching grants for web clients require no application process as long as you are a qualifying 501(c)3, government entity or work in the public sector.


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