Marketing & Business Developement Committee

Chair: Shruti

Meeting times/dates: TBD

Mission/Goals of the Committee: The OMF Marketing Committee is focused on expanding the reach and impact of the Open Media Foundation and its programs, including:

  • Set policies and guidelines around marketing, PR, and outreach activities.

  • Maintain consistency in visual materials, branding, and values expressed in organizational communications.

  • Guide the activities of any PR/Marketing Intern.

  • Maintain a base-level of Social Media Activity (even through requests of Staff/Departments)

  • Support other committees in their outreach activities.

  • Support the development of expanded PR & engagement activities for OMF and related services for other nonprofit clients.

Finance Committee

Board Committee Chair: Jeff Villano -

Meeting times/dates: Fourth Wednesday of each month at 6pm: 700 Kalamath Downstairs Admin Space

Meeting times/dates: The Finance & Audit Committee typically meets each month. Each meeting lasts one to two hours. Occasionally, additional meetings are scheduled for audit preparation or review, annual report preparation, or other financial needs.

Mission/Goals of the Committee:  Provide high-level direction and strategy to the Organization’s financial and accounting function.  Respond to outside auditor’s recommendations for implementation of oversight and internal controls.  Review year-to-date financial reports, budget-to-actual performance and perform variance analysis, provide oversight and spot-audit verification of cash accounts and expenses.  Discuss, design and implement fraud prevention measures.  Review, analyze annual budget draft and recommend approval to Board.

Type of committee volunteering (activities):  

  • Attend quarterly finance committee meeting

  • review all financial statements, audit all cash account registers, review A/R Aging Report

  • review quarterly finance committee presentation

Fundraising Committee

Committee Chair: Tony Shawcross -

Meeting times/dates: First Thursday of each month at Noon. Board Room at 700 Kalamath (Or Google Hangouts

Mission/Goals of the Committee: Engage Board and Community in fundraising activities and events. This committee generally does not focus on grants, but instead on individual donor cultivation, underwriting and corporate sponsorship.

Type of committee volunteering (activities):  Fundraising events, .

Inclusiveness & Outreach Committee

Chair: Jordan,

Meeting times/dates: TBD

Mission/Goals of the Committee: This committee focuses on evaluating and improving the diversity of OMF, working to ensure that our staff, board, clients, and programs reflect the voices and perspectives of the community, especially those under-served by mainstream media.  This committee works to support and facilitate all aspects of the organization's Inclusiveness work.

Type of committee volunteering (activities):  

  1. Work with Inclusiveness Consultants on OMF data collection and evaluation, indicating progress towards inclusiveness goals.

  2. Ensuring adherence to the OMF Inclusiveness Blueprint, a 3-year plan for OMF.

  3. Initiate and engage in community outreach.



Process for joining

Anyone can join the committee as a guest. After 2-3 months of participation, if the candidate wants to make a year-long commitment to the committee, the committee votes on their addition, making them an official member, and eligible for participation. After a minimum of 3 months service on a committee, any committee member can be nominated to serve on the OMF Board of Directors by the chair of the committee.  Anyone interested should fill out this form.