Impact Manager

Who We Are

The Open Media Foundation (OMF) is an innovative media and technology nonprofit
organization dedicated to putting the power of the media in the hands of the people, enabling
everyone to engage in their community and bring about the change they wish to see in the
We empower nonprofits, governments, and individuals to shift the media conversation (and thus
social awareness) from the corporate interests of our commercial media system towards the
human interests of an open, diverse, engaged public. To accomplish our mission, we begin with
providing affordable, high-end media and technology services. We follow up by offering training
and tools that enable everyone to represent their own voice in the media conversation.

What You Will Do

We are interested in expanding our reach and bridging the gap between theory, practice, and
outcomes in utilizing media and technology to drive social change. To help us in this endeavour,
we’ve designed a new position, the Impact Manager to oversee strategy and evaluation. This
role will take a big picture view of both the organization and our clients, helping articulate
theories of change and measure social change and impact. The Impact Manager will report to
the Executive Director and work collaboratively with all staff to connect services and outcomes
for our clients and OMF. Responsibilities include:

Client Impact

  • Help our clients articulate and solidify a theory of change for their public awareness and/or public policy work
  • Help project teams (both OMF staff and client staff) implement best practices for each component of their social change campaign
  • Help clients capture and tell the story of their impact in the community through individual project evaluations

OMF Impact

  • Develop a strategic impact model for OMF that articulates a broad theory of change across departments
  • Facilitate best practice transfer across departments and from the broader field
  • Develop and support evaluation plans for individual services or projects
  • Create and cultivate an internal culture of learning to support the development and ongoing improvement of a successful impact and business model
  • Articulate OMF impact for external audiences

Skills and Experience

To excel in this role, we are seeking a candidate with at least three years of related work
experience and the following skills and experiences:

  • Strategy Development and Articulation
    • Expert at helping others articulate clear theories of change
    • Sees the big picture, connecting activities to desired change
    • Holds an understanding of how human behavior and how social change occurs...and doesn’t
  • Evaluation
    • Experience evaluating social impact in public awareness building and public policy change campaigns
    • Knowledge of evaluation theories
    • Skilled with both quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods
  • Team Player
    • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively with peers
    • Strong organization and project management experience with self discipline to follow up and follow through on the activities of a large team
  • Thought Leader
    • Enthusiasm for creating an organizational culture of learning
    • Effective written and oral communication, both one-on-one and group presentations
    • Ability to motivate and inspire others through commitment to mission, learning, and social impact
    • Demonstrated commitment to movements and organizations focused on free speech, community media, or technology for social change

This search is managed by Vantage Evaluation on behalf of Open Media Foundation. If you feel this position is a great fit for you, please send a resume and cover letter that addresses the following questions with the subject line "Impact Manager" to


  • Describe your interest in working to impact social change through the mission of the Open Media Foundation.
  • What is your experience, if any, in implementing and/or evaluating policy/advocacy and/or public awareness efforts?
  • What is your experience working in a team-based environment? What role did you play in teams you have been on previously?


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until December 14, 2018.