OMF and Census 2020

Census 2020 is here!

Every 10 years, Census sets out to count every household in America. It’s the largest peacetime effort in our country, and it’s crucial to determine funding for valuable social programs, guide business decisions, and determine federal representation for each state.

The Open Media Foundation received a grant from Colorado’s Department of Local Affairs to launch a statewide Census 2020 outreach and community engagement initiative, producing high-quality video and radio public service announcements (PSAs) that are being distributed state-wide through OMF’s radio and TV partners. 

Together with the Public News Service (PNS), we have produced long-form radio stories and video PSAs targeting the Census identified hard-to-count communities. Check out their piece on faith leader’s role in counting ethnic and racial minorities here

Take thirty seconds to watch the corresponding video PSA we produced here.

Our partnerships with Colorado Broadcaster’s Association (CBA) and PNS have been invaluable in reaching approximately 90% of the state. On average, over 100 radio stations and 35 TV stations carry the CBA’s non-commercial supporting announcements for an average of nearly 10,000 separate airings/broadcasts per month. PNS brings in an additional 200+ radio stations who optionally carry non-commercial, long-form radio productions distributed by them!

Help promote census participation on your social media outlets using our Census Social Media Toolkit.

Also, be sure to visit Public News Service to listen to their long-form radio stories.

Everyone counts!