DVD Duplications

Open Media Foundation offers full-service DVD authoring and duplication.

DVD Duplication: Basic duplication rates includes the blank disc, full-color printing, and paper sleeve with window (if desired). Jewel cases, amaray cases, and additional labels or printed inserts are extra.

Custom DVD Authoring: Prices include simple duplication with on-disc graphics and do not include any graphic design, format conversion, or DVD authoring. Custom design and authoring (including menus, chapters, etc) is billed at $50/hr.

Quantity of DVDs Cost per DVD Setup
From To
1 4 $5.00 $20
5 12 $4.00 $20
13 19 $3.00 $20
20 49 $2.50 $20
50 100 $2.00 $20
101 200 $1.75 $20
201 300 $1.50 $20
301 400 $1.40 $20
401 500 $1.30 $20
501 600 $1.25 $20
601 999 $1.20 $20
1000 5000 $1.00 to $1.15 $20

Premium Packaging: Custom cardboard sleeves, cases, digipaks, and other premium packaging can be coordinated at quantities of 1,000 or more, and can cost anwhere from $0.30 to $2 per case, depending on design and quantity. Call for more info on custom packaging.

Turnaround: Most projects can be completed in 2-3 business days once the master disc and label graphics are delivered. A $50 rush fee will be added to any project with a required turnaround of under 2 business days.

Inter-Format Transfers

OMF offers full-service inter-format video conversion services, transferring to and from NTSC, PAL, and SECAM/MESECAM in the following formats.

Basic: to or from VHS, SVHS, DVD, DVCAM, MiniDV, VCD, Hi8, Audio CD, Audio Tape or ANY digital file format

Billed at $20 Setup per source tape, plus $.20 per minute for recording, plus blank tape costs*
Standard VHS to DVD is half-price: $10 per source tape plus $.10 per minute*

BetaSP/HDV: To or From Beta SP or HDV and any of the above formats is billed at $25 setup, plus $.25 per minute for recording, plus blank tape costs.

Professional Formats: Through our partners, OMF also offers transfers to or from DigiBeta, D9, 3/4-inch, DVCPro50 , 8 and 10-bit HD, and even 16mm and 35mm film. Call for rates on conversions to and/or from professional formats.

Turnaround times are generally 2 business days. Faster turnaround times may require a rush fee.

*All rates assume a simple transfer, and do NOT include any editing services. Custom titles, editing, or trimming is billed at $75/hr.