Bell Policy Center Website Redesign
Bell Policy Center
Work Detail:
Design, Web Development

Making opportunity happen. The Bell Policy Center is committed to supporting and spearheading the public policies that help make Colorado a better place for everyone. As a long-standing client of OMF, our staff was thrilled to have the opportunity to revamp another existing client site.

From the beginning, we found that it was very important to help clearly tell the story of who The Bell is and acknowledge the breadth of work they do for our state. Whether it is publishing a research report with tremendous implications or testifying at the Legislature, Bell Policy Center stays committed to their key issue areas. The homepage was designed to tell the story of who the Bell is, why they exist while making their work, news and updates easily accessible by all interested parties.

As a client with a strong (and still growing) social media presence, it was important to feature the Twitter activity of the Bell both in and out of Session. An always updating Twitter feed was added to the home page so that all users can stay up to date on real time updates whether or not they are part of the Twitter-sphere.

The OMF staff loves working with returning clients, and helping these organizations continue to fulfill their mission and amplify their voice in the continually evolving media conversation. Combined with a passionate and experienced staff, the Open Media Foundation leverages open source tools and provides a 50% matching grant to ensure that the expense and complexity of web technology is not a barrier to any organization's mission.