Teaching at the Open Media Foundation

Mission: The Open Media Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization which exists to put the power of media and technology in the hands of the people in order to enable every person to actively engage their community and bring about the change they wish to see in the world.

Philosophy: Though electronic media production and distribution are more accessible than ever, they still require a certain skill set.  If people aren't given the opportunity to learn these skills, they begin to lose their voice.  Teaching at the Open Media Foundation allows individuals to share their love of media and technology with a larger community.  Teaching also provides the opportunity to empower others and to give them a chance to share their views more eloquently, and with a larger community.


Compensation: The Open Media Foundation is always looking for experienced professionals to assist in teaching our certification workshops. The volunteers who assist in these classes enable us to keep the costs as low as possible and ensure that the media education is accessible to as many people as possible. Although we are unable to pay our volunteer teachers, to show our appreciation for the work theseindividuals provide, we have devised the following rewards program for our volunteer instructors:

  1. 1st class taught — Lifetime Certification in that Area
  2. 2nd class taught — Basic Membership
  3. 3rd class taught — Free Class
  4. 4th class taught — Equipment Access Membership
  5. 5th class taught — Free Class

* Every class taught after the 5th class results in a $75 credit for either the teacher to use or give to someone else.

** If a year has elapsed and your membership expires:

  1. A teacher must teach 1 class in order to renew a Basic Membership
  2. A teacher must teach 3 classes in order to renew an Equipment Access Membership

If you would like to volunteer to help teach one of our classes, please review our list of classes and then send your experience in any of those areas to johna@openmediafoundation.org. We look forward to meeting you!