Putting the power of the media in the hands of the community means ensuring everyone has access to state-of-the-art media tools and high-end technology resources. Tools can be rented at affordable rates for commercial projects, or accessed free of charge for noncommercial projects with a DOM membership.

Denver Open Media
Denver Open Media is a unique, user-driven public-access TV station that operates 3 Comcast cable channels in Denver: 56, 57 & 219. Like many public access stations, our community is entirely responsible for producing our content. Unlike other stations however, community producers and viewers also determine the programming schedule of the channels.

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Production Equipment
Access to professional-quality production equipment is necessary to ensure everyone has a voice in the social media conversation. From HD cameras to light-kits, projectors, and audio, OMF provides membership-based equipment checkout for noncommercial projects, as well as traditional rental options for commercial projects.

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Production Studios
Through Denver Open Media, OMF offers two state-of-the-art production studios for live TV broadcasts, studio productions, music performances, and more. Like our production equipment, these studios can be made available through an annual membership, or rented by the hour for commercial projects.

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Post-Production and Distribution
For both members and commercial rentals, OMF offers the latest Final Cut Pro edit systems. From mobile laptop systems to 8-core MacPro powerhouses, we offer the same motion graphics, audio, and 3D software used in high-budget productions, all at rates anyone can afford. Through Denver Open Media, OMF can help our community get their work shared on local cable, the internet, and through a growing network of Open Media Project partners with cable stations across the nation.

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OMF offers meeting rooms, studios, a reception area, and a computer lab for community use.

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Open Source Software
Open Source Software is a grassroots approach to software development. With no license fees, and an open code-base that leverages the work of thousands of developers, many open-source software solutions are surpassing their more traditional counterparts in functionality and popularity.

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