Denver Open Media is a building full of resources for the nonprofit community in Denver. Our goal is to help nonprofits use multimedia tools that they would otherwise not have access to.  Camera equipment, studio space, coworking space, conference rooms and event rentals are all things that we provide at a reduced rate for charitable organizations. We also make these resources available to the general public.


Our second-floor Board Room is 14'x26' and comfortably accommodates 12 at it's large elliptical table, while delivering a great Mt. Evans view to the West through floor-to-ceiling windows. Features of our conference room include power drop-down presentation screen, wired/wireless Internet, teleconferencing, one-touch lighting and a power center for laptops or a projector.

Studio A is our large studio with a stage and room for an audience of up to 60. Great for television, film, and news productions, Liveshot Studio production as well as music and entertainment shows of all kinds. Control room has the ability to broadcast live and a professional, multi-track audio sound board.

With help from the audio experts at Mighty Fine Productions, we are now able to show what's really possible with the new recording studio equipment in Studio A.

This first floor Lab is equipped with 20 brand new, top-of-the-line 27-inch Quad-processor iMacs loaded with cutting-edge media software. Large power drop-down presentation screen, surround-sound, wired/wireless Internet, 5'x8' whiteboard, with easy access to the adjacent Cafe. Commercial Rate: $250 per hour

Our main-floor kitchenette is also available for informal meetings.  This common-use area has three round tables each with four chairs, plus a sidebar seating four.  Featuring wireless Internet, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and filtered water, don't be surprised to find talent prepping for productions working out of adjacent Studio B.

This second-floor space is presently outfitted with a round conference table seating four. Extensive whiteboard (3'x12'), teleconferencing and wireless Internet. Meeting Room A rate is $40/hour, with minimum reservation requirement of two hours.  Email availability and reservation requests to coworking@openmediafoundation.org

3 Robotic HD cameras Green screen with chroma keying and Virtual Set Capabilities Black and cyclorama curtains DVD/DV, BluRay playback and recording as well as Compact Flash recording Internet and computer connections Telephone interface for live calls Plus, a character generator for your titles, credits and lower thirds