Studio A

Studio A

Studio A is our large studio with a stage and room for an audience of up to 60. Great for television, film, and news productions, Liveshot Studio production as well as music and entertainment shows of all kinds. Control room has the ability to broadcast live and a professional, multi-track audio sound board.

Features of Studio A include:

  • 3 HD manual studio cameras
  • 2 HD Robotic cameras
  • LTN Encoder for Worldwide Live Capabilities for Live News Broadcasts, Junk-its, and Press Conferences via our Live Shot set-up*
  • Clearcom Intercom and IFB
  • Teleprompter
  • Telephone interface for live calls
  • Complete PA system with a professiona 32 input 8 bus audio board
  • MultiTrack Recording
  • Projector and screen
  • DV/DVD recording and playback
  • Internet and computer connections
  • Plus, a character generator for your titles, credits and lower thirds
  • Total dimensions of Studio A are 44' x 18'
  • Stage dimensions are 19' x 13'

Rental Rates:

See Studio Pricing for rental details. For additional information or questions, please email