Government Production Services

The Open Media Foundation believes that government transparency is key to community engagement and social change. Beginning on January 21, 2008, Open Media Foundation helped the Colorado General Assembly's audience get a little larger. Digital Comcast subscribers can now tune into channel 165 for live coverage of the House & Senate chambers. Those without digital cable (or outside of coverage area), can view the sessions online and access archived videos at

The operations and activities performed by the video department  implement the scheduling, recording, broadcast and playback of video content of live government activities.  OMF's goal is to provide an uninterrupted coverage to the citizens of Colorado and the world (via the internet), that reflects the work of government officials and is viewed as objective and nonpartisan. 

Some of the features that we offer those interested in our government production services are as follows:

  • Video On Demand with interactive agendas & bill indexing: skip right to the bill/issue you want to see.
  • Public agendas, calendars & search capabilities
  • Live stream integration with easy timestamp and clickable agenda creation
  • Auto-upload to your local Gov. website, and YouTube

Contact us with questions or requests for pricing regarding our government productions services - email us at