Video Production

With over 100 nonprofit video production clients since 2004, we are experts in developing videos designed to transform the reach, impact, and perception of your nonprofit organization. The Open Media Foundation provides clients with video rivaling the quality of any commercial production house at a fraction of the cost.

We exist to ensure nonprofits have access to:

  • Produce: High Definition videos that help you train, motivate, raise funds and increase awareness
  • Leverage: DVD authoring and encoding for your website, YouTube, Facebook and local TV
  • Expand: Reach new audiences and inspire them to better fulfill your mission

Denver Botanic Gardens and Jonny 5 of the Flobots teamed up for this music video to increase awareness about the emerald ash borer insect.

We all have powerful moments in our lives that initiate change. We shift course, make a decision to move forward, or discover confidence.  Whatever the moment was, we remember.  Breakthrough Moments was the theme of Denver Kids' 2017 fundraising event.  In this video we follow Perla and Alejandro to learn about their breakthrough moment.

WorkLife Partnership is the first nonprofit organization in Colorado to deploy strategic talent engagement and retention programs that deliver proven ROI. Their Sustainable Workforce Model is expanding nationally because it works. This system engages human capital, increases economic opportunity for families through work, protects the bottom line, and builds more inclusive workplace cultures.

Denver Zoo's Peak Performance program identifies inefficiencies and innovates solutions to fix them. The crate process was one of those improvements.  We documented this process over the course of six months, mixing before and after footage.  The improvements were a great success.  See for yourself!

We partnered with Lutheran Family Services to introduce people to immigrant and refugee families living in the greater Denver metro.  This video follows seven families, who were kind enough to invite us into their homes, sharing what is important to them.

We empower kids from low-income families to choose and buy their own books, all through the school year. And our focus on book choice and ownership is no accident.

Members of Colorado Succeeds share a built-in belief in the power of positive change – and they expect results.  As business leaders, they apply their unique expertise, and utilize their leadership skills to improve Colorado schools.

Sean Wybrant, a Career and Technical Education teacher at William J. Palmer High School, in Colorado Springs District 11, was named the 2017 Colorado Teacher of the Year.
In this video, he explains his student-centered teaching philosophy, which encourages students to be innovative with technology. 

At, you can now renew your driver license or ID, register your vehicle, change your address, or even register to be an organ and tissue donor. The Division of Motor Vehicle's mission is to provide excellent identification, driver and motor vehicle services to help make Colorado a safe place to live, work and play.

Since 1981, the Vail Valley Foundation has been working toward preserving the quality of life in the Vail Valley for its residents and guests.

This is the story of a girl's journey through adolescence, as she navigates outside pressures in an attempt to reach her full potential. Girl PowHER helps by focusing on relationships, health, self-esteem, and academics.

Shift Research Lab, a program of The Piton Foundation, created an early care and education mapping tool to help illustrate the existing landscape of early care and education providers.

Businesses, charities, and individual taxpayers all must pass a financial audit. Even federal government agencies are required to open their books for scrutiny. And yet while the Pentagon -- the single largest government bureaucracy – has often been cited for waste, fraud and abuse, it has never been audited.

CO Succeeds provides unique expertise, leadership skills, and influence to improve Colorado schools. The Succeeds Prize will honor educators that are innovating and making a difference in our schools.

Arapahoe County, Colorado is the state’s first county and the third largest with a total population of 631,096 and unincorporated population of 83,764. The County spans 805 square miles and is a land of contrast. The western part of the county is mostly urban with residential, retail, office and industrial areas, while the eastern portion is relatively rural.

The driving power behind Pop Culture Classroom (PCC) stems from their personal experiences with the positive influence of comics and other pop culture media in their own lives. They envision individuals transformed by the educational power of popular culture who create diverse, inclusive and engaged communities.

This profile features Sean Wybrant, a teacher at Palmer High School who teaches computer applications and gaming classes.  He quickly noticed there weren't many girls in his classes, so at a Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) Design Thinking workshop, he pitched the idea of a girls-only tech club. The result is Tech Chic, which is a mentor-based club.

Book Trust is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower children from low-income families to choose and own books, inspiring a passion for reading and cultivating increased literacy skills and life-long learning. For the last five years, OMF has created videos for their annual fundraising events. This year, we wanted to do something new. 

A partnership between The Piton Foundation and the Colorado Community College System, Tax Help Colorado offers free tax preparation assistance to low-wage earners, helping to ease the burden of commercial tax preparation costs. The program was launched in 2007 to help link even more Colorado families to valuable tax credits such as the EITC.

The City & County of Denver's Parks and Recreation maintains more than 40 parks across the Greater Denver Metro area. The central greenhouse, located in City Park, grows over 240,000 plants per year and needs to meet the city's growing demand. To help improve efficiency, Parks & Rec brought in Peak Academy.