Video Production

With over 100 nonprofit video production clients since 2004, we are experts in developing videos designed to transform the reach, impact, and perception of your nonprofit organization. The Open Media Foundation provides clients with video rivaling the quality of any commercial production house at a fraction of the cost.

We exist to ensure nonprofits have access to:

  • Produce: High Definition videos that help you train, motivate, raise funds and increase awareness
  • Leverage: DVD authoring and encoding for your website, YouTube, Facebook and local TV
  • Expand: Reach new audiences and inspire them to better fulfill your mission

A public service announcement giving young parents information on how they can get assistance. Shot, edited and produced in collaboration with Parent-UP, Denver Department of Human Services, and the Open Media Foundation.

Craftworks is the parent company for local restaurants and breweries here in Colorado. Their HOPE program gives financial assistance to their employees in times of crisis - this video provides some first-hand accounts of how this program has helped them.

This video was a part of The Seniors' Resource Center's Summer 2009 breakfast event.  Partial soundtrack by bexar bexar,

This is a short video produced by Open Media Foundation for Family Stars' 2009 fundraising breakfast.