Denver Kids Fundraising Video 2010
Denver Kids, Inc.
Work Detail:

A short video produced by Open Media Foundation for Denver Kids' annual fundraising campaign for 2010.

Denver Kids, Inc. (DKI) is a unique organization that has been serving students in the Denver Public Schools since 1946. The mission of Denver Kids, Inc. (DKI) is to help students in Denver Public Schools, facing the personal challenges of higher risk environments, successfully complete high school and become useful, productive members of the community.” DKI, provides a variety of programs to children considered at-risk and includes the following areas: one-to-one counseling; mentoring opportunities with a mentor assigned to a child; work and life skills programs designed to foster a work ethic and provide job opportunities; support and guidance for teen parents; awareness of college opportunities; and finally, offers parents a chance to become more involved in their child(ren)’s educational progress