Web Design

Open Media Foundation designs websites that help nonprofit and government organizations build a stronger community around their mission. With a process fine-tuned over hundreds of projects in the past decade we are experts at creating easy-to-maintain sites that produce real world impact.

Below you can see more about projects we have completed for our current and past clients. To learn more about what we do, read about our process and request a quote online.

The Colorado Virtual Library is an online project managed by the Colorado Library Consortium, an agency committed to supporting the work of libraries throughout the state of Colorado and to delivering information services to the broader public.

Nobody makes it unless we make it together. The Gary Community Investment Company (GCI) and The Piton Foundation blend business and philanthropy to create opportunities for those who need it most.

Imagine a Boulder where everyone could live. For over forty eight years Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) has worked to create equitable housing, vibrant communities and opportunity for change in people’s lives. BHP builds, owns and manages 33% of the total inventory of affordable housing in Boulder.

Do you love the outdoors? It’s time to give back! Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is a Colorado non-profit that activates citizens to become engaged stewards of the outdoors.VOC operates a statewide volunteer program that brings together individuals of all ages, interests and backgrounds to work in wildfire and flood restoration, trail building and maintenance, tree planting and reforestation, and much more.

Informed and well coordinated maritime communities are fundamental to creating safe waters globally. Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) is a project of the One Earth Future Foundation, a Colorado non-profit that envisions a world beyond war through developing effective, multi-stakeholder systems of governance. OBP mobilizes maritime community stakeholders, develops public-private partnerships at sea and ashore and advocates for international legal change to end maritime piracy.

Education should never stop at the classroom door. Campus Compact of the Mountain West (CCMW) works with universities throughout the western US to ensure that the graduates of today are civically engaged and passionate about community service.

We want a world that values all sexualities and gender identities. The Colorado Anti-Violence Program (CAVP) eliminates violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) communities throughout Colorado. CAVP provides programming that supports the well-being of those impacted by violence, creating opportunities for healing and transformation. CAVP trains and educates community organizations, victim advocates and other service providers to facilitate institutional and cultural shifts towards LGBTQ inclusivity. Branching Seedz of Resistance (BSEEDZ), CAVP’s youth-led project, breaks cycles of violence affecting LGBTQ young people through community organizing, arts, media and direct action.

The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) came to us in 2013 to help them upgrade and revise their High Performance Buildings Database. The database is a unique central repository of in-depth information and data on high-performance, green building projects across the United States and abroad.

The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, commonly referred to as "the Alliance," is a consortium of ten institutions representing thirteen major libraries located in Colorado and Wyoming.

The Get Outdoors, Colorado website is an information hub for everything you would need to take advantage of Colorado’s unique environment.  Search for activities through the front page, and choose to filter the results by category, age level, cost and location.

The Colorado County Officials and Employees Retirement Association (CCOERA) is a non-profit association formed in 1968 by Colorado state statute. CCOERA’s sole purpose is to provide retirement benefits to employees of Colorado local governments. CCOERA's new website is an upgrade from their previous site, which required all content updates to be made through FTP to the website server.

Rush Soccer is a nonprofit organization that brings volunteer coaches and soccer players together in individual clubs around the world.

Freespeech.org has been supported and maintained by our web team for the past few years, giving our developers a unique perspective on what features and functionality would improve the FSTV online experience.

The Colorado Participation Project provides voter information and civic participation resources to nonprofits who serve politically marginalized communities.  This website provides information in an easy-to-navigate format, making it easy for anyone to find the helpful resources they need.

This website was designed to be informational and easy to navigate, while conveying the sense of a frontier identity for the Muslim community. The front page features an interactive map where you can click any of the six mountain west states to get a quick preview of the major statistics for Muslims in that state.

Verite works to educate and train others worldwide on fair hiring practices and the impact of labor rights violations; this non-profit organization is based in Amherst, MA.  It is important that they are able to offer resources and tools to the people they work with, which range from investors to government entities.

The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) is a local nonprofit, serving the shared interests of public agencies, businesses, teachers, community organizations and individuals distributing and using environmental education materials and programs since 1989.

The Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association is a basic Drupal site with a dynamic, rotating news slideshow on their home page and custom CiviCRM integration.

The Consortium is a non-profit organization providing assistance to local school districts with implementation and management of Medicaid, and was seeking web design services to provide a more exstensible solution to their old website.

IMBA's website front page and menu was redesigned and themed by the web department of OMF in 2010. A tabbed interface and dynamic image rotator featuring links and call-to-action messages for IMBA's main initiatives for their international audience. Since then, we have collaborated with IMBA to create new sections regarding their initiatives to interact with various members and clubs.