Web Design

Open Media Foundation designs and develops websites and applications that help nonprofit and government organizations build a stronger community around their mission. With a process fine-tuned over hundreds of projects in the past decade we are experts at creating easy-to-maintain sites that produce real world impact.

Below you can see more about projects we have completed for our current and past clients. To learn more about what we do, read about our process and request a quote online.

My Colorado Project is an initiative from Colorado Shares which helps Coloradans cast their vote for a better community. We built them a contest wizard tool that would allow them to create contests for the community to share media based on a given theme designed by the Community Shares staff.

This website was redesigned with a new theme that would help users search through all of the academic publications that the Palm Center collects and organizes for research.  News, blogs, articles and resource links are compiled and were used to address policy and legislation around "Don't ask, don't tell" policy.

The Consortium is a non-profit organization providing assistance to local school districts with implementation and management of Medicaid, and was seeking web design services to provide a more exstensible solution to their old website.

The Colorado Channel provides televised coverage of the Colorado General Assembly. The website offers live streaming coverage from the floor of the State Senate and House. OMF redesigned the coloradochannel.net website to make it easier for users to watch live coverage and search video archives.

IMBA's website front page and menu was redesigned and themed by the web department of OMF in 2010. A tabbed interface and dynamic image rotator featuring links and call-to-action messages for IMBA's main initiatives for their international audience. Since then, we have collaborated with IMBA to create new sections regarding their initiatives to interact with various members and clubs.

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance has been serving as the voice of the local mountain bike community for 20 years with a volunteer program for trail-building.

After being awarded a grant through the Breast and Women's Reproductive Cancer organization, CBCC contacted the Open Media Foundation to design a website that would provide information to Coloradans affected by breast cancer.

Local professor and documentarian, Sheila Schroeder, enlisted the web design services here at OMF to create a web presence that both promoted her upcoming film as well as created a place for online interaction for her audience.  The Woodstock West website provided a way to share and make public video footage and images, some recently digitized for the first time, that will possibly be feat

As a brand new nonprofit, Home O' Hope needed a tool to stay connected to community with the latest news and fundraising efforts as they work to secure a location in the Denver area.  Hope O' Hope is Colorado's first and only group home specially dedicated to LGBTQ youth.  As a future community resource, the website Open Media Foundation built will allow supporters to see the progress

Open Media Foundation rebuilt/designed Project PAVE's new website in Drupal. One of the big goals of Project PAVE was to have a dynamic website where they can manage their own website content in order to keep their content timely and fresh--something that was a large challenge in the past for their staff to do.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are trained volunteers appointed to gather information in child abuse and neglect cases and speak to the court on behalf of the needs of the children.  There are multiple CASA organizations in Colorado, and Colorado CASA oversees them all - supporting the local offices, developing new programs, and disseminating information about current legislation

We designed an online course website for The Partnership for Families and Children that includes student enrollment, course outlines, quizzes and forums.  What makes this website particularly unique is it's design allows the PFFAC staff to manage creating new courses on their own; the website is set up to easily add a structure to course content, breaking it up into units that have the

The city of Denver is a culturally diverse community, and Padres Unidos serves this community by promoting the Hispanic culture here and advocating the rights and responsibilities of all Denver citizens.  Through direct outreach in campaigns, e-newsletters, videos and events, Padres Unidos is able to connect with their audience to challenge the root cause of discrimination, racism and ineq

Every student counts. Every student graduates. Over the past year, Denver Kids, Inc. has worked hard with Monigle Associates to develop a new look and feel for their organization that represents their focus on our children's future.

This is an interactive media and community contest web site. Arts & Venues Denver (formerly the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs) brings you public art, free concerts, arts programs and more. On this site, users get the chance to enter, vote, comment, listen, view and share.