The Partnership for Families and Children
The Partnership for Families and Children
Work Detail:
Web Development

We designed an online course website for The Partnership for Families and Children that includes student enrollment, course outlines, quizzes and forums.  What makes this website particularly unique is it's design allows the PFFAC staff to manage creating new courses on their own; the website is set up to easily add a structure to course content, breaking it up into units that have their own topics, forums and quizzes.  This website also includes a unique reporting feature that allows course administrators to easily view the pass/fail rates for their courses to the smallest detail, such as individual quiz questions.  Students who register for PFFAC's online courses will be able to easily manage their progress in their courses with individual account pages, a glossary that links to glossary terms as they appear throughout the site, and will be able to print out their certificate of completion automatically when the course is finished.