Project PAVE
Project PAVE
Work Detail:
Web Development

Open Media Foundation rebuilt/designed Project PAVE's new website in Drupal. One of the big goals of Project PAVE was to have a dynamic website where they can manage their own website content in order to keep their content timely and fresh--something that was a large challenge in the past for their staff to do.

Another goal was to build a teen section of the website that is attractive to teenagers through the design and the functionality. One of the feaures offered for teens is an online quiz to help them to determine whether or not they are in a healthy relationship. Another feature is a more interactive area for "Warning Signs of Abuse" and "6 types of Abuse". This is still all one website, even though they look totally different. PAVE staff needs to only log into one website to make edits and add new content.

Some other fun features are the rotating photo slideshows, quotes and video that are specific to the teen section and the main section. All of these elements can be updated and maintained by the Project PAVE staff.