CHI Website Redesign
Colorado Health Institute
Work Detail:
Design, Web Development

The Open Media Foundation teamed up with the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) to provide a website redesign with a focus on providing a clean, impactful and easy to use website. Every day, CHI is doing the research, conducting analysis and gathering data and knowledge to support sound health policy and a healthier state. CHI was in need of a way to display data effectively and to their unique and diverse stakeholders in order to showcase this important work. The OMF team quickly realized that an in-depth user-centered design study was key to understand CHI's users in order to inform the final design.

After the initial kick-off and Discovery meeting, the OMF team identified CHI's user base in order to clearly define their wants and needs. From public health providers and policymakers to the media and educators, we identified who the users were and how their unique needs would inform the website design and overall experience.

CHI takes a great deal of pride in producing a steady stream of research and publishing it when it’s most needed by Colorado’s policymakers and health leaders. The site now provides an easy and accessible way to quickly download data and review analysis by topic and category. We also built a unique page template to help summarize long reports and make information digestible and informative. Additionally, dynamic infographics, interactive maps and data dashboards all contribute to the site's impressive functionality and ability to distill large amounts of information in a creative and useful way.

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