Creating Transitions Website Design
Creating Transitions
Work Detail:
Brand, Design, Web Development

Accessibility and opportunity are the foundation of the Creating Transitions (CT) program. By providing highly custom and individualized programs, CT teaches valuable life and social skills to young adults with mild to moderate developmental and intellectual disabilities to help them transition into adult life. CT believes that everyone deserves to have a fulfilling and productive life in their community.   

Because CT is a new program in the community (accepting its first students in fall of 2016), the website and logo design were some of the first building blocks for the program’s launch.

During our initial meetings with CT, we realized that the website needed to be easy to navigate by anyone (including those with disabilities). The site was also required to be both an information hub for prospective parents and donors and a resource center for families and staff. To inspire the logo and branding, the CT team was touched by the emotion evoked by a butterfly leaving its support system and taking flight on its own. But what stood out most and permeated our work was the genuine passion and excitement that every member of the CT team exuded when talking about their program.  

A clean, inviting and easy-to-navigate site plan helps all families feel welcomed into the CT family. Anticipating many updates and changes brought upon by progress toward the company’s growth plan, the site is easy to edit and update by CT’s staff. The website was built to be responsive to ensure that it works well on different phone, tablet and computer screen sizes and is Section 508 compliant. The inclusion of an easily editable Google Calendar allows CT to ensure that events, trips and community meetings are promoted to prospective families.

OMF’s web design and branding services are helping Creating Transitions introduce itself to a community eager to welcome such a uniquely custom, and important, program.