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Click the link to view our new Open Media Project website. Learn more about Denver nonprofit Open Media Foundation's software solution for municipalities, councils, school boards, and other public agencies ready to engage with constituents by delivering public meeting videos, with integration for livestreaming, agendas and VOD. Please contact OMP account executive Gavin Dahl at 720.222.0159 ext. 214 or by email: gavin [at]

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The OMP is a set of open-source software tools that can enable anyone to launch a local media operation like Denver Open Media. The software enables community members to reserve and check-out equipment, allows viewers to vote on shows and schedule their own TV channels, and helps communities with limited budgets launch state-of-the-art, community-driven media stations.

The Open Media Project Software enables a fully-supported, online media presence that works with pre-existing workflows. The model reduces staff time, while expanding value for the community. All content is stored in the cloud, encoded for web-streaming more easily and affordably than ever before, with all bandwidth and storage provided free of charge from our friends at Broadcast files are also stored in the cloud, enabling stations to share the best content from any affiliate across the globe. This is all powered by viewers and community members, not by a hierarchy of gatekeepers or advertisers.

Ten years ago, we set out to change the face of the media. We haven't gotten there, not by a long shot, but we have accomplished some incredible things along the way. The Open Media Project is your opportunity to help lead the way in re-defining the media for the next 10 years.

The OMP for Government is an innovative new solution for livestream and VOD integration, time-stamping, agenda integration, and more. Unlike for-profit vendors, we're a mission-driven nonprofit, and we make our full-featured toolset available at a cost any government can afford. We leverage Government, Nonprofit and Private Sector partners - from School Boards and Town Councils to State Legislatures and beyond - to bring the most flexible, adaptive video engagement and transparency tools to your agency.

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