Open Media Project

Open.Media is an Innovative Software Platform

Leveraging the latest in video tools and technology, is the nonprofit online transparency portal for governments of all sizes. Open.Media allows you to upload, timestamp and archive video of meetings and proceedings with searchable, automated transcriptions. Constituents can now engage from any computer or mobile device in real-time, easily sharing excerpts and helping you meet citizens where they’re at!

Colorado-Based, Globally Focused

In 2013, the Open Media Foundation (OMF) designed an innovative, government video-on-demand platform for the Colorado State Legislature. The new software cut costs in half while doubling web traffic to In response to this success, we set-out to create a similar solution for governments of all sizes and Open.Media was born! Even the smallest of governments can join the national movement to expand transparency and civic engagement with Open.Media: a non profit alternative to companies like Accela, Granicus and Swagit.

Keep up with the times!

With the technological advancements of today, proprietary streaming services simply cannot keep up. Odds are good there’s a teenager in your community with a better streaming solution than your local government. Open.Media is the open-source, nonprofit alternative with an open, innovative design that lets you combine any camera and encoder with free streaming services like YouTube, for a superior experience at a fraction of the cost of the competition, free for small governments*.

Unsurpassed Features

Our open design lets you take advantage of emerging developments from YouTube, Facebook, and others at a pace no competitor can match.
Live Stream for All
Watch meetings as they happen in real life with the click of a button.
Archive with Organization
Add cue points to video to easily jump to issues constituents care about on your agenda
Access at your Fingertips
Find videos, live streams, agendas and schedules all from a mobile device.
Integrate with any Website
Embed content on an existing government website or on a new, stand-alone website.
Share on Social Media
Give your constituents the ability to share intriguing moments and important topics to their friends and family on social media.
Automated Transcriptions/Captions in Multiple Languages
All archived videos are transcribed in multiple languages, searchable alongside agenda items.

Pricing and Grant Opportunities

Small Governments Under 5,000 Constituents
A 100% grant makes the service entirely free for small governments.
Medium Governments 5,000-50,000 Constituents
A 50% matching grant makes this package affordable for mid-size governments
Large Governments 50,000+ Constituents
The full package for larger cities, counties or states wanting to stay connected.
Add Ons Enhance Open.Media
Priority support: $3,000/year
Custom stand-alone website: $10,000/one-time + $3,000/year
Additional training sessions: $300/session

Word on the Street Has It

“Open.Media can help state and local governments expand transparency and accessibility, even on a limited budget.”
Senator Pat Steadman, Colorado General Assembly

Get in Touch

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Business Development Open.Media
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