Open Media Project

The Open Media Project (OMP) is an innovative software suite, equipping governments of all sizes with an online transparency portal, which allows them to upload, tag and archive video of all proceedings.  Through this portal, citizens can access proceedings from their laptop or phone in real-time, or search for bills based on specific keywords. Visit the OMP website at


With voter turnout at an all-time low, it’s critical that governments meet citizens where they are in order to increase civic participation. The OMP Self-Service Toolkit makes it easier than ever for governments of any size to catch up with 21st century technology and reach their constituencies. In a few simple steps, governments can set up their own digital channels and leverage the latest tools and services from YouTube, and more. The OMP toolkit makes it simple to upload and timestamp agenda items so communities can watch in real-time and quickly access information on specific bills. With automated transcriptions, video content is searchable with significant accuracy. The tools to manage and edit content are as easy to use as editing a Word document, and require no staffing changes or contractors. Governments serving populations of under 50,000 will receive a 50% matching grant to help cover the costs of the service. Government bodies serving populations of 5,000 or fewer will be eligible to receive the service free of charge.


Product Features Include:

  • Video On Demand: Searchable library of sessions with unlimited video storage and streaming

  • Livestream Integration: Built in livestream support with an interface to easily timestamp agenda items so viewers can jump to that issue

  • Integrated Agendas: Parse any standardized calendar format producing a searchable agenda tied to session pages and videos

  • Embeddable Pages: Embed any content on existing government sites, or in a stand-alone, customizable site

  • Social Media Integration: Easily share excerpts from videos via social networks


“Small, local governments are falling behind the times and are experiencing record-lows in voting and civic engagement,” said Tony Shawcross, OMF Executive Director. “It’s these local governments that most affect our day-to-day lives and where people have the greatest opportunity to make an impact, and this is why the Open Media Foundation is offering this software service at no cost to the smallest governments across the country.”


In 2013, OMF designed a new government video on demand tool for the Colorado State Legislature that cut their costs in half while doubling Web traffic to its online portal. In response to the success of, OMF designed this version of those tools to be within reach of even the smallest local government. Governments interested in using this revolutionary new tool can join the beta test group and receive a custom implementation of the OMP free of charge. Sign up today at


OMP was honored to be selected to participate in Fast Forward, a nonprofit tech accelerator based in San Francisco. Every year Fast Forward brings a new cohort of startups building tech solutions to global issues like health care, human rights, education, and the environment through its 13-week accelerator program. The accelerator connects each team to seed funding, over 100 mentors, and community to help scale their solutions and maximize impact. In two years, Fast Forward has helped 14 tech nonprofits impact over 4.7M lives and raise $16M in follow-on funding. Fast Forward also runs a program called Tech for Good, and created the only cohesive online directory of tech nonprofits. The organization was founded in 2014 by seasoned tech and nonprofit entrepreneurs, Kevin Barenblat and Shannon Farley. For more information visit