The Colorado Participation Project Brand and Website Design
The Colorado Participation Project
Work Detail:
Brand, Design, Web Development

The Colorado Participation Project (CPP) provides voter information and civic participation resources to nonprofits who serve politically marginalized communities. CPP came to OMF looking for a logo and website to reflect the organization’s personality and mission.

The CPP logo was designed with civic pride in mind. Representing strong leadership, courage and innovation were important to the CPP mission. 

The CPP website provides information in an easy-to-navigate format, making it easy for anyone to find the helpful resources they need. To help educate the local community, an English/Spanish translation tool is available that allows users to read the site in either language with the click of a button. In order to further help the community understand what CPP has to offer, randomized testimonial statements appear throughout the site from clients who have benefitted from these services.  An interactive element on the site allows community members to share their stories and in the future others will be able to read these first-hand accounts.