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Free Speech TV
Work Detail:
Web Development
Overview has been supported and maintained by our web team for the past few years, giving our developers a unique perspective on what features and functionality would improve the FSTV online experience.’s redesign strategy had two guiding principles in mind.  The first principle was to remain a useful tool to the television audience.  To accomplish this end, a creative collection technique was implemented so that every series and topic Free Speech offers on television has a uniquely branded landing page where users can check the newest content, see a dynamic Facebook and Twitter feed for that particular show or topic and join the conversation with commenting and a sharing widget.  The second guiding principle was that the website exceed the limitations of television by offering commentary and news in various media formats, and providing interactive opportunities.  One impressive point of interaction for this new website is an improved Progressive Action Calendar that lets users create and promote their own activist events, and add video and image media to those calendar postings during or after that event, as well.

In addition to the modules and usability features provided by Drupal 7 and its community, the redesign also integrates a great deal of custom-built technologies such as the new dynamic TV schedule, the front page video player with channel selection, and the unique thank-you gift picker for donations.