Verite Fair Hiring Toolkit
Verite Fair Hiring Toolkit
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Web Development

Verite works to educate and train others worldwide on fair hiring practices and the impact of labor rights violations; this non-profit organization is based in Amherst, MA.  It is important that they are able to offer resources and tools to the people they work with, which range from investors to government entities.  The Open Media Foundation built an interactive sub-site, an addition to their existing Drupal site, designed to organize content for specific audiences.  A dynamic sliding-panel application introduces users to each area of the toolkit site with a short table of contents, and rotating slideshows can be found on the landing pages for each audience type.  Graphicly enhanced "Tools" are configured to open in pop-up windows, but are easily created within the suite of tools built and designed for this toolkit.  Myths and facts about fair hiring practices are placed throughout the site, randomly selecting new informative tidbits upon refresh of a page.