Nicolas Telep

The purpose of my life is to create a welcoming, friendly, and supportive community wherever I go.


Building connections on all scales between people.
Educating people about media literacy and the way news reporting works.
Encouraging reporters and other media figures to be invested in their communities and the people they serve.
Teaching communication skills and patience.

To create a world that is

Better-informed, better-connected, more honest, and less intimidating.

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Bridget Kraus

The purpose of my life is to stay true to myself, follow my goals and passions, and strive to better the world in any possible way.


Making meaningful connections with others
Listening to my thoughts and putting them to action
Taking on new tasks, even ones that seem daunting

To create a world

That gives everyone the equal opportunity to follow their own paths and make the best possible place for themselves.

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Olivia McCloy

The purpose of my life is to learn new things, inspire creativity, and spread happiness.


Staying true to my belief system
Supporting local causes
Fostering life-long friendships and connections
And following my passions

To create a world

That believes in the weakest link and supports public arts programs!

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Giorgio Ausenda

The purpose of my life is to inspire, move, excite and empower by telling stories


  • Being unbiased
  • Using a never-ending curiosity
  • Never stop asking
  • Seeing what awaits around every corner

To create a world in which information elevates us all and unlocks our true potential by bringing us closer together

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Naomi Krenitsyn

The purpose of my life is to move through the world with light-heartedness and live inquisitively By Being present in the here and now Keeping my heart and mind open Making room for humor To create a world where we ask “how are you” and wholeheartedly mean it. More info: With a background in electronic arts and sculpture, Naomi utilized her college years by experimenting with animation, ceramics, 3D printing, and digital multi-media. After graduating, she felt pulled to learn more about human interaction with technology and began to learn UX Design.

Joe Gelay

The purpose of my life is to use my mindfulness, optimism, curiosity and kindness


Listening more than speaking
Encouraging positivity
Continuously learning
Giving generously

To create a world in which people interact with more truth, respect, and understanding; where open-mindedness is the norm, and judgement is taboo. A world where people say “yes” to more adventure, and embrace opportunities to connect with their environment and each other.

John Aden

The purpose of my life is to use my easy-going nature, sense of humor, creativity, thoughtfulness and empathy
  • Pausing before talking
  • Creating adventurous ways to play with my family
  • Laughing with others
  • Making entertaining films and music
  • Rediscovering the world with my son, using gentle guidance

To create a world in which people are working together for the common welfare of humans and the planet, s