Catherine Kunz
Video Production and Editing Intern

Catherine got her start in Video Production at the Colorado Media School in Lakewood, CO and worked as a broadcast professional at FSN Rocky Mountain for 4 years. After moving out of state and running her own business, she is excited to return to Denver and the industry she loves, and is using her internship at OMF to get caught up on the advances that have been made and to make new connections with other production professionals. When she isn't editing, you can expect to find her skiing, cooking, knitting and spoiling her Great Dane, Stella.

Alan August
Fundraising/Development Intern
Alan's passions revolve around story, storytelling, and helping others to find and express their voice in the world. The Open Media Foundation was a natural internship fit years ago and, remaining committed to the cause, Alan has returned to further support the organization in the area of development and fundraising.
After studying the narrative craft and writing numerous short stories and feature-length screenplays, Alan began to appreciate the centrality of story and myth in society. He became interested in how the big ideas in various arenas, such as philosophy, politics, economics, culture, art, science, mathematics, and religion, reflect and inform each other, and in what they ultimately reveal about the unfolding human story. By understanding the evolution of human thought from a large-scale, holistic, multi-disciplinary, mythic perspective, Alan hopes to offer deeper insight into civilization's current crisis, as well as lighting paths toward a healthier future. 
Alan's creative work has been recognized in the Washington Post, Newsweek, and the Getty Museum. Recently, he served as a writer and producer in the ColoradoCare campaign, where he worked with Bernie Sanders, Patch Adams, Sen. Irene Aguilar, T.R. Reid, Mitch Dickman, and more in a passionate attempt to make Colorado the first state to provide quality health care to all citizens as a human right.
Chris Sena
Public Access TV Station Intern

I'm Chris Sena, US Marine | US Airmen veteran, I have lived in Colorado all my life (b. Pueblo, CO) 

My major of study in journalism at MSU-Denver. 
My hobbies include skiing, hiking, boxing, concerts and camping. I would love to learn more about producing media around in depth interviews with experts from Denver. 
Look forward to working with everyone at OMF | DOM!
Bianca Martinez
Video Production and Editing Intern

My name is Bianca Martinez. I recently moved to Denver from Chicago this summer. I am very excited to be interning at Denver Open Media. I have a passion for editing and storytelling. 

Katie Henze
Fundraising and Development Intern

I'm a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Georgia with a degree in Mass Media Arts. As an intern, I hope to continue growing as a creative individual while also learning all that I can from Open Media Foundation, a truly noteworthy organization. In my spare time, one can find me watching too much television or walking my wonderful dog. 

Ian Coon
Video Production and Editing Intern

Ian Coon is a Des Moines, Iowa native constantly tweeting about those typical Generation Z topics of school inequality, politics, race, and trendy music. Outside of the digital world, Ian is a current student studying communications at Wartburg College, a small, liberal arts school, in Waverly, Iowa. Through the Wartburg West program Ian is interning for the fall semester at Open Media Foundation. Ian has a passion for nonprofit organizations and has founded his own along with working for multiple others through high school and college. When Ian is not networking, traveling, or sharing he enjoys taking photos, shooting video, and venturing to find the best guacamole in Denver!

Julio Becerril
Video Production and Editing Intern
My name is Julio Becerril, and I am excited to be interning for an incredible nonprofit like Open Media Foundation.
I graduated from Colorado State University in 2016, with a degree in Journalism and Media Communication.
My dreams for the future are to work on a talk show...and get a dog.