Brianna Cillessen
Public Access (DOM TV Station) Work-Study

My name is Brianna and I am a studio access intern. I am currently a Junior in the BFA Film program at the University of Colorado at Denver. I am a bit flamboyant and excitable sometimes but I believe that caused by my Brazilian heritage and talking with my family in Brazil so often, but hey that means I am always pretty happy! I absolutely love film but I also am great with technology, IT, and troubleshooting so if you have a question about the equipment, computers, or studios feel free to ask! I also have a lot of knowledge about subjects outside of film since it took me so long to find my passion. I hope to some day travel the world and make documentaries to bring outside cultural knowledge to those who cannot travel or who cannot afford traditional education.

Dana Thibault
Public Access (DOM TV Station) Intern

Brilliant aspiring actor, filmmaker, comedian, cartoonist, revolutionary, scientist, speaker and teacher from a young age, Dana squandered most of his talents in a miserably misdirected life chasing money (unsuccessfully) and indulgence (successfully), rebelling and getting in trouble. A two-time college dropout, his exploits range from student/teacher at Denver's Sebastian House, a non-profit film school in the '70's, to construction sub-contractor; from realtor to drafting infrastructure for Highlands Ranch to sports bookie; from Air Traffic Controller to hemp cultivator to felon, from talking books recorder to mortgage broker; from DCTV producer to alternative high school teacher to research and A/V presentations on fractals, crop circles, cold fusion and alien abductions.

Danielle Kent
Public Access (DOM TV Station) Intern

Dani came to us initially to rekindle her love of film and music, to further explore her gifts and share them.  After concluding a career on Wall Street, she hopes to bring that experience to  OMF in an effort to assist in funding and growing our mission.  Her credo is love and laughter.  She is an avid pickleballer, amateur animal communicator, spiritual seeker, and wishes to live in a world where everyone feels free to be who they truly are and to shine their light.  29 degrees Libra, Yellow, 5.

Connor Randall
State Capitol Production Intern

I'm a senior at Regis University studying Political Economy with a minor in Communications. I'm very interested in both the political aspects and the process of the legislature and I also have a strong interest, despite little hands-on experience, in video production. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to be interning with The Colorado Channel where they both meet. 

Other than my academic pursuits, I'm also an avid drummer and I play in a couple of local bands. My other main interest is paranormal investigation and I've been working with the local TAPS “ghost hunters” affiliate for the last five years as an investigator and I also work part time at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park as the “resident paranormal investigator”. Overall, I'm excited to be apart of this great organization and I look forward to the adventures that await in the video production world!

Chad Hryhorysak
Production/Editing Intern

Chad has always been into the arts and computers. At age 12, he began self-teaching himself Adobe Photoshop. By age 16, he was dual-enrolled at the local technical institute into Graphic Design classes while finishing his High School Diploma. Working on one of his video projects in his final year, he realized how much he loved working with video. Thus, led him out to Phoenix, Arizona upon graduating high school to attend the University of Advancing Technology, under the tutelage of Paul DeNigris. While there, he helped create an entirely green screen and his first short film, “Fallout,” where he served as Producer, 1st Assistant Director, Editor, Visual Effects Artist, and Sound Editor. “Fallout” also earned him his first major awards. Such awards as Best Editing, Best Arizona Short, and the Award of Excellence from several Film Festivals in Los Angeles and Phoenix and made him and his team a semi-finalist at the 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards in Taiwan.

Bryan Dougherty
Media Education Intern

I am a writer and current student at the University of Colorado. I have been interested in art from an early age and continually experiment with new visual media, including film.

I sometimes play music under the pseudonym White Bells. When I grow up I want to be a superhero.