JR Nielsen
Media Education Intern

As co-creator of Dototot, JR seeks to educate and empower kids of all ages to make their own media and engage critically with contemporary advances in technology. He graduated from Utah Valley University in 2009 with a BS in Digital Media and has since co-produced the educational and entertaining web series Daisy's Web Development Diary, Superusers: The Legendary GNU/Linux Show, The Nielsen Brothers' Byting Python, and The Hello World Program with his business partner and brother for life, Jared. As a proponent of open-source technology, most of JR's creative works are produced on Linux-based machines using free and open-source software.

Diego Vargas
TV Station (Public Access) Intern

I have lived in Denver, Colorado my entire life. I am currently a Senior at Regis University and majoring in Communications and minoring in Visual Arts. I greatly enjoy photography and traveling, as well as experiencing different cultures. I aim to challenge myself in the things that I do in order to improve myself as much as possible, while still finding ways to enjoy the things I do. 

Amy Moller
TV Station (Public Access) Intern

I have maintained a lifelong passion for the visual arts, and recently obtained a Bachelor's degree in Film Studies from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Of all the endless avenues in the world of film, I hope to discover which direction to take following this internship and being apart of this community.