Alex Richard
Production/Editing Intern

Graduated from the University of Colorado with a BFA degree in Film studies and a Minor in Philosophy. My passion for filmmaking began at an early age when I made stop and go animations with action figures. In middle school I took video production classes and used my skills to make skateboard videos with friends. In college I completed film courses in critical studies, theory, screenwriting, animation and production with influential staff at CU that included renowned experimental filmmaker Phil Solomon and Hollywood studio legend Alex Cox. My goal in life is to learn as much as I can about the world so that one day I can make it better. 

I now look forward to working at Open Media Foundation where I can hone my production skills to benefit socially conscious organizations in the community. 

Roy Dudley
Production/Editing Intern

Growing up in a creative atmosphere developed a huge interest in the still and motion arts.  His dad, a professional photographer and videographer taught him at a very young age. At an early age, Roy started helping his dad, either in the studio or on location. From picking up cables to shooting  video in all kinds of formats. From bouncing light to developing film, making transfers, mounting and framing pictures and the list could just go on and on. Started editing video in 1988 on a Commodore Amiga with a video toaster, the sources came in many different formats. Since then, the passion for video editing started. Graduated from one of the most prestigious universities with a communication degree. During that time, he took more than 8 film courses and many other video and television related subjects. Film language, screenwriting, art video, experimental video or documentary video are just a few of the learned topics.

The theory and technical training provided at the university combined with the previous experience were the perfect blend to become a professional in the industry. Patience, organizational skills or eye on detail are just some of the thing few things that characterize him.

Danielle Kent
Development/Fundraising Intern

Dani came to us initially to rekindle her love of film and music, to further explore her gifts and share them.  After concluding a career on Wall Street, she hopes to bring that experience to  OMF in an effort to assist in funding and growing our mission.  Her credo is love and laughter.  She is an avid pickleballer, amateur animal communicator, spiritual seeker, and wishes to live in a world where everyone feels free to be who they truly are and to shine their light.  29 degrees Libra, Yellow, 5.

Veronica Fernandez-Diaz
Fundraising/Development Intern

Veronica is ASCENT student in Thornton, Colorado. After attending the Yale Young Global Scholars, her passion for pursuing diversity strengthened. As a Latina, she acknowledges the importance of giving those underrepresented in the media opportunities to voice their concerns and ideas. Through her internship as a Development/Outreach intern, she wishes to  achieve more diversity through the Open Media Foundation. She also wants to help OMF reach more communities to increase awareness of the  affordable resources available. Thus far, Veronica has contributed to programs like JROTC, YouthRoots and La Raza. Despite never having much exposure to video production or high-end technology, she is excited to learn more and begin using OMF's resources as tools for change. She is pursuing an education from the most prestigious universities in the nation to major in International Affairs while representing her community. Veronica does not hope to change the world one day, she hopes to CONTINUE making a difference, even if it is one step at a time.

Priya Sudendra
Web Development Intern

Priya is currently a senior at University of Colorado in Boulder studying Computer Science with a minor in Technology, Art, & Media. She is excited to help OMF and gain more experience with web development. When Priya's not behind a computer screen, she enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, traveling, eating, and photography.


Rabee Sharma
Accounting Intern

Rabee Sharma is a senior at Regis University pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Accounting. She is a sweet little girl, barely 5 ft, who has completed her journey from the Himalayan Nation, Nepal to the mountainous state of Colorado and is loving it!! Impervious to her surroundings, she is very zealous once she is focused on something, whether it be learning to swim, shoot, cook or learning new technology, but at the moment it is to excel in her academic and professional career; this is quite evident from her name being listed on the Dean’s List every semester since the first semester. She is a very out-going person, shopping being her favorite but enjoys spending time with her family equally. Only motto in life, to be happy!

Brianna Cillessen
Public Access (DOM TV Station) Work-Study

My name is Brianna and I am a studio access intern. I am currently a Junior in the BFA Film program at the University of Colorado at Denver. I am a bit flamboyant and excitable sometimes but I believe that caused by my Brazilian heritage and talking with my family in Brazil so often, but hey that means I am always pretty happy! I absolutely love film but I also am great with technology, IT, and troubleshooting so if you have a question about the equipment, computers, or studios feel free to ask! I also have a lot of knowledge about subjects outside of film since it took me so long to find my passion. I hope to some day travel the world and make documentaries to bring outside cultural knowledge to those who cannot travel or who cannot afford traditional education.

Simone Paris
Production/Editing Intern

Simone is a recent graduate of Oakwood University where she received her B.A. in Communications, with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. Her passion for production/video editing has motivated her to currently serve as a Production Instructor fro Denver Public Schools Extend Learning program along with interning as a production intern for Boulder County Care Connect. While she was a full time student, she also took the responsibility of managing the on campus production company, III Oaks Studios along with working as the Public Relations Director for United Student Movement. She hopes interning for OMF will expand her knowledge of post production software and techniques which will help with her dream of one day owning her own Post Production company.

Vinson Powell
Studio Access Intern

Vinson Powell is the new Studio Access intern at Denver Open Media. After moving to Denver with his family in the late fifties, Vinson soon began playing the flute, and with the help of his father, had the opportunity at a very young age to play with some of Denver's finer musicians. By the mid 1970's Vinson was traveling and collaborating with various bands and started being featured in multiple recordings and even radio jingles. Spending time in the studio since the age of 19 has allowed Vinson to gain a tremendous amount of insight to the world of production, and professional audio. He wishes to continue that knowledge here at OMF, learning to collaborate and expand on his years of musical industry experience. Having traveled to so many different cities, and towns, has allowed Vinson to really appreciate great talent. After working within the field of education for over 30 years, Vinson is now retired and looking to continue his respect and education of audio and production.

Chris Smith
Public Access (DOM TV Station) Intern

Christopher Smith is a recent graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Ethnic Studies. His passion is behind the scenes, wanting to work in both TV production and radio production. He has dreams of producing shows both on the radio and for TV. He also wants to do artist interviews. Chris wants the audience to take a step into the lives of the people he is interviewing, allowing the fans to experience the artist behind their art.

Previous experience Chris has had in Media is working at MetRadio, a student powered radio station provided by Metro State University. With Metradio, Chris had the opportunity to host his own radio show controlling the content that was broadcasted. As you can see, Chris's passion lies in the entertainment world. Getting the opportunity to become the Public Access intern, Chris is excited about learning more about production and camera work, strengthening the knowledge he has. Being able to work with editing software at Open Media Foundation, Chris really wants to gain as much knowledge as he can to edit projects in the future. Lastly, his final passion is working with the youth of Denver, CO. Being the Community Outreach Assistant of Colorado Youth at Risk, Chris is excited to get the youth he works with to come to the youth spotlight on Wednesdays.

Jeremy Albright
Database Analysis Intern

Jeremy is currently attending Clark University, in Massachusetts, where he studies economics. He is a Denver native and is excited to help OMF and serve the community as effectively as possible. He enjoys skiing, tennis, and exploring Denver. His interests in economics and quantitative reasoning were encouraged by the thinking of economist Steven Levitt, who inspired Jeremy to question preexisting assumptions and ways of problem solving for the sake of truth. He plans on using this thinking to help OMF understand subtle relationships amongst the community, hopefully allowing OMF to continue to give everyone a voice in the media.

Dana Thibault
Public Access (DOM TV Station) Intern

Brilliant aspiring actor, filmmaker, comedian, cartoonist, revolutionary, scientist, speaker and teacher from a young age, Dana squandered most of his talents in a miserably misdirected life chasing money (unsuccessfully) and indulgence (successfully), rebelling and getting in trouble. A two-time college dropout, his exploits range from student/teacher at Denver's Sebastian House, a non-profit film school in the '70's, to construction sub-contractor; from realtor to drafting infrastructure for Highlands Ranch to sports bookie; from Air Traffic Controller to hemp cultivator to felon, from talking books recorder to mortgage broker; from DCTV producer to alternative high school teacher to research and A/V presentations on fractals, crop circles, cold fusion and alien abductions.

Brandon Mathews
First Friday Intern

Ever since it was shown to me, I have loved film. There is always more to learn, and it is always fun to discover more about it.