Alan August
Fundraising/Development Intern
Alan's passions revolve around story, storytelling, and helping others to find and express their voice in the world. The Open Media Foundation was a natural internship fit years ago and, remaining committed to the cause, Alan has returned to further support the organization in the area of development and fundraising.
After studying the narrative craft and writing numerous short stories and feature-length screenplays, Alan began to appreciate the centrality of story and myth in society. He became interested in how the big ideas in various arenas, such as philosophy, politics, economics, culture, art, science, mathematics, and religion, reflect and inform each other, and in what they ultimately reveal about the unfolding human story. By understanding the evolution of human thought from a large-scale, holistic, multi-disciplinary, mythic perspective, Alan hopes to offer deeper insight into civilization's current crisis, as well as lighting paths toward a healthier future. 
Alan's creative work has been recognized in the Washington Post, Newsweek, and the Getty Museum. Recently, he served as a writer and producer in the ColoradoCare campaign, where he worked with Bernie Sanders, Patch Adams, Sen. Irene Aguilar, T.R. Reid, Mitch Dickman, and more in a passionate attempt to make Colorado the first state to provide quality health care to all citizens as a human right.
Ashley Garg
Public Access TV Station Intern

Ashley is a senior at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She studies Communications and Women and Gender Studies. She hopes that this internship will give her experience in both non-profit business operations and the public relations side of marketing. She looks forward to meeting and working with the Denver Open Media Foundation staff during the internship too. In her free time, Ashley enjoys swimming, reading, hiking, biking, and photography. She is also very passionate about raising awareness regarding Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease's effect on people and how family and friends can potentially help loved ones with the illness.

Anna Sutter
Radio (104.7 FM) Intern


After gaining a world-class education from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, I ran right back home to use my skills and grow my passion for community engagement through writing and media. My family, dog, church and Colorado's beautiful landscape serve as my support system. I believe in the power of words, grace, good food and dance. While at Open Media Foundation, I hope to gain technical radio and TV broadcast knowledge, but also I'd like to grow in creativity and collaboration skills.

Audrey Chvosta
Executive Assistant Intern

Audrey Chvosta was born and raised in Denver, CO. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Audrey is an unapologetic thinker and enjoys using her creative ingenuity to solve big problems and inspire new ideas. After visiting 19 different countries and years of international travel Audrey has a unique perspective on the world and her place in it. Captivated by diversity of culture and thought, individualism and collectivism, she values the experiences that shape the musings of our world.

Radio Station Intern
Brandon Randash

Brandon is a Colorado native and grew up in the Denver metro area.  He attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising.  He enjoys photography, hiking, and driving through the mountains.  

Lauren Tolfa
TV Station Intern

Lauren received her first bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Puget Sound in 2013. She also studied classical and Spanish guitar and was a member of the University choir. After graduating and spending several months traveling throughout Europe she decided to make her way to beautiful Colorado. She is currently studying post-production at the Colorado Film School in the hopes of making travel and cultural documentaries. She loves working with people and wants to be able to tell real stories that highlight the eclectic world we live in.

Greyson Elkins
Executive Assistant Intern

Greyson is a writer, musician, and audio engineer from Austin, TX. Since graduating from the University of Denver in 2016, he's worked in venues and as a freelance engineer, with local musicians, and podcasts. Working at the Open Media Foundation, he hopes to continue to develop his skills to foster community in the arts.

Katie Henze
Fundraising and Development Intern

I'm a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Georgia with a degree in Mass Media Arts. As an intern, I hope to continue growing as a creative individual while also learning all that I can from Open Media Foundation, a truly noteworthy organization. In my spare time, one can find me watching too much television or walking my wonderful dog. 

Tim Hurst
Radio (104.7 FM) Intern

Tim is an entertainer, a producer, and a DJ with a passion for multimedia. Graduating from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 2017, Tim spends his time wrapped within the realms of media and music. Producing EDM hits under the name Xylon, Tim also headed radio shows, AlternAttack and ElectronAttack for ACRN: The Rock Lobster. He wrote briefly for their editorial department and is currently a contributor for Sputnikmusic. Tim also runs a YouTube channel under the moniker The First Tim Hurst, filming, editing, and writing all of his videos himself. A young hopeful, Tim's ambition is more than likely to find him great success in the coming years.