James Cook
Development/Fundraising intern

Born in California and raised in Portland, OR, my home is on the West Coast along I-5. I started playing music in the form of tapping on tables and desks when I was young. In 6th grade I learned how to play the trumpet, and in high school my brother brought home a drum set and taught me the basics. Guitar and keyboards followed that, and I began my college career majoring in music. During my time at Warner Pacific College, I found interest in English, Urban Sociology, and Religious studies, alongside the business of music. I'm always looking for a chance to make art, build something, cook a new food, or explore that book or film that I haven't seen yet. An internship at Open Media Foundation will give me the experience I need to build a career in communications and non-profit management. 

Viviana Acevedo
TV Station (Public Access) Intern

I am a Designer who wants to work in a multicultural environment, learn new ways of work and challenge myself every day. I enjoy traveling the world and looking for new opportunities to nurture myself as a professional and human being.

Melissa Bray
TV Station (Public Access) Intern
"The energy of the mind is the essence of life" ~ Aristotle. 
Currently engaging opportunities that align with her deepest passions. Melissa is a Menswear Stylist. She has a Bachelors of Science in Human Services, Management. Pursuing her Masters of Business Administration. Film, television and media have always been a passion for her. You can find fun clips of her participating on shows such as: ABC's WIPEOUT!, The Price is Right, and The Tyra Banks Show. She has over 1000 volunteering for the communities she has lived in, such as planting trees in Denver's local Washington Park. She is active in the Colorado Rockies with her son, Kelly, and furry son, Bruce Wayne. 
Diego Vargas
TV Station (Public Access) Intern

I have lived in Denver, Colorado my entire life. I am currently a Senior at Regis University and majoring in Communications and minoring in Visual Arts. I greatly enjoy photography and traveling, as well as experiencing different cultures. I aim to challenge myself in the things that I do in order to improve myself as much as possible, while still finding ways to enjoy the things I do. 

Ava Montgomery
Media Education Intern

Ava has over 15 years experience working with non-profit and for-profit organizations as a community capacity-builder and leadership development trainer and facilitator.  In 2015, Ava completed courses for her Masters degree in Media, Peace and Conflict studies at the United Nations mandated University for Peace, in Costa Rica. She believes that there is strength in understanding and capitalizing on culturally diverse perspectives as they relate to peace and conflict solutions. As well, Ava believes that accuracy in media is important and that when achieved, it can be a promising conduit for change. She’s very excited to be an intern for Open Media Foundation, and in particular to work with the Media Education Department. It is there that she hopes to learn all the components of media production and how to best use media for education and advocacy. 

Elizabeth Mehert-Ab
TV Station (Public Access) Intern
I'm a 2015 graduate from the University of Colorado-Denver with a degree in public health, and minor in communications. While I ended up in a path far from media, I had originally started my college career as a journalism major. However, I am still fascinated by the world of media.
I've come to be a part of the DOM community to gain better insight on civic engagement through community driven media that is untouched by corporate biases.
I hope to learn and grow from this experience.
JR Nielsen
Media Education Intern

As co-creator of Dototot, JR seeks to educate and empower kids of all ages to make their own media and engage critically with contemporary advances in technology. He graduated from Utah Valley University in 2009 with a BS in Digital Media and has since co-produced the educational and entertaining web series Daisy's Web Development Diary, Superusers: The Legendary GNU/Linux Show, The Nielsen Brothers' Byting Python, and The Hello World Program with his business partner and brother for life, Jared. As a proponent of open-source technology, most of JR's creative works are produced on Linux-based machines using free and open-source software.