Amy Moller
Radio Station Intern

I have maintained a lifelong passion for the visual arts, and recently obtained a Bachelor's degree in Film Studies from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Of all the endless avenues in the world of film, I hope to discover which direction to take following this internship and being apart of this community. 

Branson Andres
Production/Editing Intern

Based in Ohio, Branson found his love for videography in high school after joining the school news. While there he wrote, directed, and edited a short "comedy" series. His first short film was also featured at the school’s film festival in 2015. He has continued to direct short films and videos ever since. Soon after high school, he packed his bags and moved to Colorado to pursue a career outside of customer service. Branson spends most of his time making short films or mindlessly blabbering about movies.

Preston Plume
Public Access TV Station Intern

Originally from Texas, Preston grew up surrounded by creative story tellers that could both entertain as well as enlighten. From these inspirational individuals he developed an interest towards capturing the collective human narrative in an honest and entertaining way. He moved to Denver in 2010 where he quickly found himself rooted within his main areas of interest; Lacrosse, Snowboarding and Craft Beer. After a brief hiatus from the creative world, he has seized an opportunity at the Open Media Foundation in hopes of reigniting his passion for story telling through digital media. 

Quincy Lewis
Radio Station Intern

Quincy L. Lewis is a podcaster and writer from Detroit, MI.  His enthusiasm for radio came unexpectedly.  One day a group of he and a few friends were hanging out and one friend suggested creating a radio show.  He laughed, but then decided to give it a shot.  What started as a thirty minute trial run blossomed into the hour-long show of E-Block Radio in which he produces and co-hosts today. Eager to learn more of the technical side of radio production, Quincy has brought his eagerness and radio personality to Denver Open Media where he hopes to be just as beneficial to them as they are to him. 

Lorelle Lynch
TV Station (Public Access) Intern

Lorelle Lynch is a student at the University of Colorado - Boulder studying Broadcast Journalism and Psychology. Lorelle has a passion for story-telling and creating informative and entertaining content for media. 

Tim Hurst
Radio (104.7 FM) Intern

Tim is an entertainer, a producer, and a DJ with a passion for multimedia. Graduating from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 2017, Tim spends his time wrapped within the realms of media and music. Producing EDM hits under the name Xylon, Tim also headed radio shows, AlternAttack and ElectronAttack for ACRN: The Rock Lobster. He wrote briefly for their editorial department and is currently a contributor for Sputnikmusic. Tim also runs a YouTube channel under the moniker The First Tim Hurst, filming, editing, and writing all of his videos himself. A young hopeful, Tim's ambition is more than likely to find him great success in the coming years.