Reyna Revelle
Social Media Marketing Intern

As a Latina American woman and 4th year student at Regis University, Reyna is currently pursuing a major in Communication- Media Studies with a double minor in Spanish and Religious Studies. Reyna finds that being bilingual enhances her communication skills, as well as forming some incredible relationships with the Denver Latinx community. Her goals after graduating from Regis in May of 2019, is to pursue a career in the television news industry as a bilingual news reporter.

Tara Schumann
Social Media Marketing Intern

I am a senior at Colorado State University, majoring in Journalism and Media Communications with a minor in Sociology. I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in a town called Barrington. I like to read, write and paint in my free time. I also love to travel and hope to incorporate that in my career someday. 

Alison Carpenter
Radio Station Intern

Alison is a special education teacher in the Denver Metro Area. She has her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and is currently getting her Masters in Teaching. Alison enjoys reading (Anne Lamott), making well-rounded playlists, and eating most candy. 

Ryan Norris
TV Station Intern

Ryan Bradley is a performer at heart--previously acting for independent productions, commercials, and feature films in Colorado, New Mexico, and California. He is currently pursuing a degree in Communication at Colorado State University Global Campus. He DJs wedding on the weekends, leads an after school program for low-income youth at the Sun Valley Youth Center, and Interns with Denver Open Media twice a week. 

Tori Tarin
Social Media and Outreach Intern

Tori Tarin is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied Film and Journalism.  Over the last four years Tori has dedicated herself to improving the lives of low-income youth in the Boulder area working for the I Have a Dream Foundation.  Most recently Tori has begun a career in helping small businesses and start-ups with their online presence through social media marketing.  In her free time, Tori enjoys reading and writing about film and its impact on the greater community and of course, popular culture.

Tyler Brunner
Public Access TV Station Intern

Tyler Brunner graduated from the University of Northern Colorado as a McNair Scholar and with a BA in English in 2013. Since then, he has been working as an independent journalist and has created his own media outlet called Greeley Indie, a local independent news source that provides educational information about local government and features an investigative series on inequalities in the Greeley Municipal Court system. Tyler is completing an internship at Denver Open Media to gain experience for a future position in public broadcasting. He is particularly inspired by Democracy Now and Frontline, and he hopes to one day contribute to one of these programs.

Elleayla Batjargal
Executive Assistant Intern

Born in Mongolia and later raised in Colorado, Elleayla learned to bridge cultural and social boundaries early in life.  She went on to study Sociology, Media Studies, and International Affairs at the University of Colorado, Boulder.   Her experiences have taught her that it is important to cross pollinate and coalesce in every aspect of life.  As a result, she believes that anyone can transcend the limitations of our ideologies when given room for authentic expression, proper access to information, and resources.  She is excited to work with an organization that empowers individuals to be a part of this discourse.