Tony Shawcross
Executive Director

The purpose of my life is to use my joy for living, empathic spirit, and sharp, open mind


  • Having unbridled, authentic conversations and connections
  • Making music
  • Traveling
  • Writing
  • Making movies that expand our perspective

To create a world in which people care for one another, ensuring all of us are free to focus on building the future we want, with the only limitation on our freedom being the requirement that we afford that same freedom to others. 

More info: Tony developed and launched the visionary model for community media that has evolved into the Open Media Foundation.  Before founding the precursor to OMF called Deproduction, as well as OMF's project Denver Open Media, Tony worked with Little Voice Productions, the Colorado State House of Representatives, the Pan African Arts Society and FreeSpeech TV, among others. Tony has presented over 100 media education courses with the Colorado Independent Media Center, Denver Community Television, the Alliance for Community Media and various local schools and universities.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration from the University of Colorado.

Shruti Chowdhary
Creative Catalyst | Account Manager

The purpose of my life is to experience all that this world has to share with awareness, wonder, and love


  • Speaking up for species that cannot speak for themselves
  • Exploring facets of the world beneath our feet, above our heads, and in between
  • Diving into the infinite nature of the universe
  • Observing myself and the world from different perspectives
  • Creating bonds with unfamiliar cultures, peoples, and places
  • Rarely taking things personally

To create a world covered in flourishing forests and clean oceans, where limited resources are not cannibalised by a single species, within which people can find freedom in living a balanced life - between the body, heart, brain, and soul.

More info: Having had the fortune of growing up in some incredible places and being exposed to many cultures when young, Shruti learned early on how to keep those rose-colored glasses over her eyes through most life situations. There is just too much to be in awe of, even in the midst of this madness. While Architecture and Ecology are her realest passions, she finds fulfillment in Marketing - a gateway to learn from and tell stories about all kinds of people and projects through a variety of media, helping companies and individuals define their place in society. Shruti graduated from LSU in 2010 with a B.Sc in Marketing, and her experience using media and communications tech to tell engaging stories spans billion-dollar companies to startups. If money wasn’t required to build and support things in life, Shruti would be a full-time tree planter, mushroom and mineral hunter, Earthship builder, snowboarder, stargazer, and world traveller.

Shruti graduated from LSU in 2010 with a B.Sc in Marketing, and her experience using media and communications tech to tell engaging stories spans billion-dollar companies to startups.


Brandon Stiller
Creative Director

The purpose of my life is to use my loyalty, quietude, analytical cynicism, caring and passion 


  • Gathering with friends and family
  • Playing the guitar
  • Creating video
  • Participating in theatre
  • Creating art with the people in my life

To create a world in which relationships take priority; where the only thing distracting us from that priority is our passions which provide for us, strengthen our bonds and further our understanding of ourselves and others.  This is a world where people succeed because they want to not because they have to. It's a world with less violence and economic strife.  It's a compassionate, culture-driven world.

More info: With over seven years working with nonprofit and public sector clients, Brandon's background has been focused on digital storytelling, messaging strategy and video production. He looks forward each day to telling the stories of organizations that are truly making a difference.  Brandon is constantly humbled to be a part of an organization composed of great people who are collectively working towards real and lasting change.

John Aden
Project Manager, Open.Media; Director of Education
The purpose of my life is to use my easy-going nature, sense of humor, creativity, thoughtfulness and empathy
  • Pausing before talking
  • Creating adventurous ways to play with my family
  • Laughing with others
  • Making entertaining films and music
  • Rediscovering the world with my son, using gentle guidance

To create a world in which people are working together for the common welfare of humans and the planet, separated from self-seeking and selfish motives that serve only an individual or specific group.

Ben Boone
Finance/HR Manager

The purpose of my life is to use my passionate spirit, sense of humor, loyalty, empathy, curiosity and business background


  • Connecting with others on a personal level
  • Exploring new cultures, countries, and unmarked trails
  • Dedicating my time to foundations that bring about positive change
  • Stretching myself and others around me on a daily basis
  • Not sweating the small stuff

To create a world in which communities come together to bring about positive change for everybody by working cooperatively, listening to one another with an open mind and with respect to everyone’s opinion; a world that worries a little less about profits and a lot more about people.

More info: After earning his degree in History with a minor in Business from Texas A&M University, Ben began working as a high school educator in the Greater Houston area.  During his fulfilling time as a teacher, he continued his personal education with a postgraduate degree in Accounting.  Over the last six years he has worked in several settings as an accountant, and was lucky enough to move to Colorado to pursue his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Denver.  Ben loves being part of a dedicated, passionate team and an organization that gives back to the community and spreads the word of positive change.

Joe Gelay
Web Developer The purpose of my life is to use my mindfulness, optimism, curiosity and kindness

Listening more than speaking
Encouraging positivity
Continuously learning
Giving generously

To create a world in which people interact with more truth, respect, and understanding; where open-mindedness is the norm, and judgement is taboo. A world where people say “yes” to more adventure, and embrace opportunities to connect with their environment and each other.

More info: Joe is a full stack developer with a deep love for learning, solving problems, and connecting people. His background in marketing analytics has shaped him into being a detail-oriented thinker with an eye for the big picture. As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, he knows how to work with ambiguity and adapt to changes with grace. When his eyes need a break from the screen, you can find him climbing rocks, running trails, reading books, and petting dogs.
Jesse Lockwood
DOM Member Support

The purpose of my life is to expand my sense of joy and expression of unconditional love in all activities.


  • Showing compassion with patience and humility
  • Seeking opportunities to learn
  • Maintaining my personal well being
  • Accepting apparent reality without expectation

To create a world in which all people are free to have their own experience and expression while respecting the wellbeing of others.

More info: Jesse has had a very diverse set of career experiences, including being a Christian Minister, Construction Worker, Loan Officer, Big Rig Salesman and Cannabis Cultivator. All while developing an array of Artistic and Musical skills. After several years of homelessness and soul searching he turned his attention to learning filmmaking where he continues to focus to this day. Jesse is happy to be of service to an organization that is empowering the expression of the common person.

Giorgio Ausenda
Video Producer/Editor

The purpose of my life is to inspire, move, excite and empower by telling stories


  • Being unbiased
  • Using a never-ending curiosity
  • Never stop asking
  • Seeing what awaits around every corner

To create a world in which information elevates us all and unlocks our true potential by bringing us closer together

More info: 

Born in London, raised between New York City and Milan, Giorgio fell in love with Colorado at first sight. 

With a background in History, Giorgio has obtained a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

During the years, Giorgio has produced footage from the West Bank, South America, Europe, and Cuba, winning the first prize at the University of Colorado's Short Documentary Festival with his work on American citizens who moved to Havana.

His work is based on the production of videos, primarily in a journalistic and documentary form, for a web audience. Giorgio has experience working both behind and in front of the camera as well as editing and post-production. He has taught nonfictional video editing as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and has thorough experience in documentary writing.

Hannah Hines
AmeriCorps VISTA | Open Media Careers Engine